Rare Vintage 2001 era recording of De Santo/fall/ Shrivastava /Clarkson recorded by Darius at Phase One Sound features the Much Music mini hit "After All" and more...

INNERSTATE was a now defunct recording/touring project that featured Lucy Di Santo, Steve Fall (Acid Test), (ON), (Indiestructable records). Recording also features Rob Clarkson and Mick Shrivastava (Atomic Ravens).


       Acid Test

 Cd is currently out of print but limited can be purchased by sending cheque/money order payable to Indiestructable records $12 USD/ $14 Cdn/$18 USD International. Price includes shipping.

   Rare 1991 Urban Smog infested EP recording featuring Lucy Di Santo, Steve Fall. Features Pre-Euro electronica Track "Mr.Skin" from Highway 61 Soundtrack, old school style remixes, 90's era mixmash altpop culture. Recorded/Produced by Dominic Macri on Akai 12 track, S900 samplerw/ Disanto/Fall in mix board direct, chopped/spliced and diced. Signed Limited Copies can be purchased by sending cheauge/money order payable to indiestructable records $12 USD/ $14 Cdn/$18 USD International. Price includes shipping.



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